Tuesday, 5 May 2015

what young girls and their parents should know about dating trends

MY Message to the young girls of the world and to parents who have young girls about to start dating ...taken from the acronym's from my IAGBAM song.

FMA - Fuck My Arse

AFD - Anal Fucking Disorder.

Seriously at my age I thought I had seen it all , heard it all or been told it all.  When I split from the father of my child , out of complete boredom I joined two different dating sites. Profile , picture little blurb, women get to join free - many of you know the drill harmless right? NO!

The first communication seemed normal, "Hi I am Barry , like your pic, what do you do " blah blah . Then the second message from Barry- " I can't wait to fuck your arsehole" WTF !!!! I almost fell off my chair.

Now I am no prude.I used to work in the niteclub industry and ran a B&D (Bondage and Discipline) club... I never did any of it but my theory was to each their own, no judgement just don't ask me to go up for a whipping , thanks for coming and let's get paid.  But anal sex is another thing all together.

Some one I know who used to go to these clubs recently posted on facebook and article called  "Anal is the new pussy". THAT"S IT I cracked it ( in australia that means i got really upset), I feel as my duty of protector of women , raising the vibration etc etc to inform young women this is not ok . Getting your anus bleached of hair lasered off is twisted and completely stupid. Mate if you have that much spare cash give it a homeless person or a charity that helps the poor FFS.

Here is what Cameron Diaz had to say about lasering pubic hair ;


Now back to the anal sex issue...

I went to my girlfriends and asked them and here is the responses;

"Are you kidding? tell them to go put their dick in a tree "!!

"Might as well go sleep with a man"

"That's sodomy"

"You have to be in a long term relationship, trust and connected before they can even think about it"

I even asked one of my longest standing male BFF's and he said he broke up with a girl because she wanted to do it , it has never been even a curiousity for him.

When I started making this track , I was trying to think up acronym's all the time. Then it became apparent through posts on facebook and reading articles that this is what young women are being told is the new thing to do. I feel it is my duty to pass on information to women - especially young ones ,


If you have only dated a man for a small amount of time this should not even be coming up..they do have AFD (Anal Fucking Disorder)! I cannot stress enough to young women that this over generations has never been "NORMAL" . there are some cultures that would do it for "contraceptive reasons", excuse me while I go vomit- we all know that does not hold up in this day and age. This practise can be physically damaging and psychologically too . I do know of a young girl who was raped in this way and it has had a huge effect. If he is not interested in the wonders of your glorious vagina first and foremost then tell him to go find that tree !! What you explore together after years of deep connection and intimacy is then your own adventure or pleasure




check out the clip on youtube the lin is there for itunes if you want to buy it


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