Monday, 4 May 2015

IAGBAM lyrics breakdown



R.P.L -Recommended Prior Learning

PhD- Doctor of Philopshy

DDI- Dick Driven Individual

MFP- Misogynist Fucking Pig

PMD- Put Me Down

PMR -Push Me Round

WBS- Wife Beater Singlet

TMLS- Talk 2 Me Like Shit

GMS- Give Me Strenght

PUYS- Pick Up Your Socks

CUD- Cook U Dinner

SUD - Suck UR Dick 

SPT- Shave Pluck Tuck

LIO- Laser It Off

FMA- Fuck My Arse

AFD- Anal Fucking Disorder

UGI- U Got Issues

DOM- Dirty Old Man

IAG- I Am a Goddess

BAM- Beautiful And Magnificent

GRL- Get Real Love

BSPJ- Bliss Serenity Peace Joy 

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