Monday, 4 May 2015

IAGBAM - what's it all about ?

IAGBAM - what's it all about?

My mother was my best friend, 6 months before she died we had , as we often did, one of own little jokes....

Ever since I was around 13 I heard her constantly saying , with reference to my father Give Me Strength - which was her shortened version of God Give Me Strength Not To Kill Him. Now my mother deeply loved my father but he did things that constantly infuriated her. Her way of dealing with it was to say "GIVE ME STRENGTH" either loudly or under her breath depending on the situation.  SO one day I rang her and I said "you know that Usher with his OMG track?You should say GMS  every time  Dad does something annoying" . well she burst out laughing , she thought that was great . I too had a partner it  was in my second relationship , which was going dismally wrong and I had now had my only child who was 2 years old.
We spoke at least once a week, sometimes twice and so the next phone call I made to her I rang up and asked how she was , her reply- "GMS" I replied "me too" and we both cracked up laughing.

Six months later she was gone and to this day  I miss her dearly . So this song is an ode to her and what created for me a need to change the way women live their lives. Acronyms for the new millenium , as it would seem, no one can say a proper sentence anymore- #I'm fucking serious .

My mother grew up in a time where men "wore the pants" yet it was women who truely ran the household and my father would agree with this to this day. Sure he made the money but she got us to school, fed , clothed, educated enforced good manners, hosted and ran the dinner parties, got us to basketball games, friends houses, picked up from the nightclub at 2am etc

However the world was completely patriachal and demeaning of women , and it is improving but there are MANY things still out of balance- I am hoping with this song to turn this around.

We ladies know this now our modern world it seems everyone wants to use acronym's. So I decided girls and women needed a new set exclusively to help them communicate their concerns frustrations or dissatifaction with the male species. For young single girls I wanted them to be able to communicate quickly and easily when they are out looking for a potential boyfriend/partner. This is  not exclusive to hetrosexual females , I have many lesbian friends and I want all women to be empowered and deeply loved when entering a relationship.

For women in a relationship, there are times when you beloved does those little things that make you want to lose your shit in a heartbeat so now you can say in your mind or outloud "GMS" have a little laugh or grit your teeth. Be thankful you have a partner , we all come here to experience love and companionship , if you have that there can still be those little GMS times. My mother will laugh with you, infact I am sure all women will.

From the lips of VioletNight on the mic

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