Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Love , The Power , The Unity of Women

The Love , The Power , The Unity  of Women

Throughout the gestation period of this track I have been lovingly supported by women, and a couple of men ...but  the sisters are the ones who held me up , held my heart and over many coffees,  chocolates and the occasional liquor  and lots of laughs IAGBAM has been birthed.

The women in the film clip are not just my friends. They are all multi talented , shinning hearts , professional , creative and nearly all mothers , like myself.  

Some of them had to be almost dragged into being on film and I admire their guts for not just turning up but shinning even tho inside they were shaking.  I used masks throughtout the clip for several reasons. We all put subliminal masks on when we go out into the world not believing in our BAM. 
All women are beautiful but often become objects  to others because of their beauty. And best of all it got the shyest of the group to loosen up and by the end of it they didn't need the masks anymore.

When I was editing the film clip I found myself in tears, laughing and being amazed at how , in the moment they each added a part of their true inner magnificence to the clip. The strength of these women and the different things they have all been through is for me, was why I chose them.

Represented not only in their physical diversity these women cover all aspects of being a woman ; 
single mother,  divorced, happily married,  single independant woman , lesbian and the youngest in our group -daughter and yet to be dating , and the youngest is for me who I am singing out to .

The diversity of these women is amazing; Designer Rachel Amber Design. , Teacher,  Healer , Midwife,  Website designer , Massuer , Mosiac artist , Bird watcher ,  Vegetable Grower/Distributer , Painter , Sculpture , Dj and Horticulturalist !

This song is telling young women they are BAM that they don't have to take a guy who is going to PMD and especially PMR .  To give them a modern langauge they can identify with and  not get involved with a DDI and especially a MFP . 

The two women who filmed the clip that you never see, are women I hold dear in my heart , completely different to each other , but both amazing shinning stars in their own right. Huge gratitude  goes out to them. Liz and Alanna I love you .

Some of the scenes were filmed at the fabulous shop in Main Road Hepburn .
Owned and run by a wonderful female couple , much gratitude to them also, for staying back after closing hours to let us dance around in the front garden . As a lover of disco how could I ever go past a shop that has a giant mirror ball in the front ! The stock inside is funky , fabulous and unique too and supports many local artisans. Great clothes, kids toys , jewellery , handbags , plants and more Blessings ladies.

The bar scene and fabulous chaise lounge scenes were filmed at the glamourous Frangos and Frangos establishment on Vincent Street in Daylesford. Thankyou to Bernard and staff for your fabulous cocktails and support of IAGBAM.

check out the clip on youtube the lin is there for itunes if you want to buy it

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