Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The celebs -Kim Kardashian, Kamaliya Zahoor, Ellen Degeneres

So why did I pick these famous people for #IAGBAM ? .... when coming up with lyrics many artists will tell you that things come to them "in the moment' .  This is exactly what happened while I was creating the backing track.

Out of nowhere the lyrics "coz I deserve love like Kim and Kayne , Zahoor and Kamaliya , Portia and Ellen" just popped out, I pressed record and listened back to it , and I liked it. So I decided to be sure on what I was stating.

I live without being hooked up to "normal " television in Australia, a choice that suits me very well, as I live in a rural hamlet where I enjoy nature and creativity and also high speed internet, ironic I know. So having only seen people "hating" on social media about the Kardasians I thought I had better check out what Kim and Kayne were like. So I went to one of my favourite television hosts- who had also popped up in my track Ellen Degeneres. I watched her interviews with both Kim and Kayne , which were separate, and it did infact appear that these are two people really in love. I did a little more "google - ing" and this all seemed to be backed up.  I am not sure why people hate them so much, maybe people are jealous. I am not a fan of Kayne's music at all and if we focus on our own lives it doesn't matter what they do. When I was a young punk/alternative person I did "hate" alot of commercial bands and artists...when you get wiser you realise this is mispent energy . Often in the 10980's we alternatives were hated on by people in the street.....however if we all did an eye for an eye the whole worl would be blind yeah?!! I do hope they realize they are huge role models for people and I always feel that those with so much influence can do great things for humanity if they choose to.

Who are Zahoor and Kamaliya- if you don't know it's time to catch up.  When I go to the city to visit one of my dearest friends I get to see  the latest on the cable network.  She tapes shows for me that she thinks we will enjoy together , one was "Meet the Russinas". Hell yeah I loved this show, I had an "auntie" from the former Yugoslavia when I was little and I loved her.  So I loved the accents straight away and I fell "in love" with Kamaliya. She has such a beautiful  spirit and to top it off makes fabulous dance music.  I watched her and her husband Mohammed Zahoor and thought what a gorgeous and truely in love couple. I am a huge fan of her music and am impressed that she now has a philanthropic fund to help children in the Ukraine who have become victims of the recent devastation.  She is a beautiful person with an amazing voice ....yes I will stop gushing now and here is a link to one of my fav songs the video is fun and glamorous


Everyone should know who Ellen Degeneres is , and her beautiful and talented partner/wife Porita De Rossi. Probably the most famous lesbian couple of this millennium. I have since my teens had many lesbian (gosh I hate labels) friends and still do. I have no judgement on people's sexual preferences , just be happy.   I have a huge respect for both these women  and like I say in #IAGBAM they are in love , true love , real love. Ellen ends every show with "be kind to one another" , what a great world it would be if we were all the time. From her message we should all stop and think when go to attack some one . I have felt for a long time that the problem sometimes is people become too personally attatched to tv reality show and celebrities lives, that is great when we love them but not great when we  start judging them and projecting negativity towards them.

Women stand in their own personal power  are all beautiful, they are beautiful in their spirit, these women i have written about have found love ...and yes I hope one day I can get GRL like they have .

So be kind and you will feel kinder too, which in turn really menas you are being kind to your self- so you should you should love and honour yourself IAGBAM

check out the clip on youtube the lin is there for itunes if you want to buy it


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