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A weekend in the stars , together we can grow heal and shine- Violetnight does cosmic exploration

A week ago I wrote about finding ways to help ourselves , healing , learning,  growing and experiencing often out side of the box we normally experience.

I do alot of my creative work at home by myself and to a large degree hibernating . Having worked in the music industry for a long time , exposed to large amounts of people I find myself disappointed by humanity often .

SO for my birthday I bought myself a 4 day retreat focusing on horoscopes in an effort to come out of my cave and meet new people. Learn some things and maybe even heal some of my life's experiences.

The even was run by http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and featured guest Astrology expert whose weekly astology run downs I have been enjoying for over a year via YouTube. I find his videos refreshing , funny and insightful for those of us who feel the energies of the planets.

DAY 1 
When I arrived  I felt a little vunerable as I could hear people talking quite expertly about astrology a- I have a more basic understanding of it so my brain went into " oh no i'm fucked " mode .  Whilst unloading my bags and hats (of course) I connected instantly with lovely women . The afternoon was a coming together of everyone with food and high vibrations. This set the bar for the next four days and even in my sometimes shyness ( yes it's true i can be very shy ) I was so happy to have met 3 women straight awa who got my slightly offbeat humour and personality. Our guest kaypacha had such a warm and true loving spirit I was ready to learn and absorb knowing it was a safe space . We were greeted with our own little bag of information and personal star chart and  run down of what the planets were doing at this time.


Early rising for fab breakfast and then yoga - here we go . What was great about the event was the diverse range of ages , backgrounds , cultures and life experiences- the microcosm of the macrocosom. Kaypahca did yoga thru the star signs which was fun and a great workout. Currently as a larger version of myself I could not do many of the poses, but gave it my best shot. What was wonderful was seeing young 20 yr olds also unable to do the poses. When some one holds a lot of weight we can be so self critical - so seeing young very thin fit looking people not being able to hold the pose as well turned that voice off.

For me personally I was stunned when during one of the poses the grief of losing my mother came to the forefront. I found myself with tears running down my face- luckily for me we were in some strange postion so no one could see me lol.

At the end of the yoga we did a wonderful circle where we held eye contact , did not speak, I  gave love to each person I was looking at while "Imagine" John Lennon played. I think we all felt very moved and connected and had no idea that on the other side of the world some thing horrible was happening. So this for me was such a great moment that we all shared.

For the rest of the day I allowed my self to stay/allow/acknowledge  my grief  . I  knew that some thing was going to come up - so here it was on a large platter and at the same time many others were having experiences too. This makes for an interesting dynamic to the space as I could feel people's vunerabilites even on day 1 . So now here we all are out of our confort zone , interacting with strangers and facing what ever it is for each of us. The beauty of this event was we had a very funny and charismatic facilitator who was able to keep us laughing while we learnt about Chiron the wounded healer.

We experienced a wonderful talk  by Marg about daddiri . 
This is the aboriginal australian knowledge on communing with nature. The site we stayed on was once a mission - this is where people were taken from their tribal areas and placed . Many different beleif structures and loss for the connection to home surroundings ment so much loss and grief for the people. we were asked to walk off into nature and commune with it. I do this daily but what I found in this expereience was a pain and sorrow of the spirits who had lived their, often never getting to return to their spiritual/dreaming place. I also had a wonderful feeling before the soorow took over and that was recognising that one can feel broken but is not. I saw a wattle tree that looked broken but infact it had bent over and grwn in a unique way to find the sunlight.

How wonderful to be surrounded by people with so much insight and knowledge. My "chiron wound" was in pisces which we were going to get to last -"guh" in my mind , how am i going to walk around with this grief and socialize ! It is good in life to test yourself. I had this happen often working in the music field as something may happen personally but you just had to push it aside depending what you were working on that day - if you are around hundreds of people you just have to "perform" and that is that. It is often assumed that those of us in the "limelight" are cruising along happy happy joy joy , often we ca be the most wounded- you just have to listen to lyrics to see that .


After breakfast it was straight into more indepth astrology . Humour is a great teacher and medicne, so Kaypacha once again was a fab fascilitator to hold the energy for us all who were chipping away at our wound or wounds . The final exercise for the wound came for me late in the day - once again the tears fell but I was held - literally by four people in a blanket and rocked back and forth. Grief for a dear one never subsides , but doing the inner work helps .

We were encouraged to meet new people every meal time and sit at different tables. Everyone on the weekend was wonderful and unique in thier own way . I spread the message of IAGBAM - to help all those who were feeling a lack of self worth - most of us do from time to time. And funnily enough, as is ofen the case the most naturally beautiful ones there were the ones who thought the least of themselves in some way or other.  That is not to suggest that some are not beautiful - that is not what I mean , but those Virgo goddesses who got up and in this one exercise were adored I could see some of them feeling uncomfortable - it's ok just remember we all are IAGBAM 

We also got small sessions with chart readings done which was a great way to learn more about yourself and gain some wisdom into past life experiences and future direction. I sat with Linda who was for me perfect to get the insight I had come for. There are many different types of astrology I discovered my favourite is evolutionary ...yay I am constantly working on evolving :)

The evening was a chace to breath in the experiences and share time as one of the women form the Cosmc Intelligence Agency was having her birthday. Dancing is always great medicine too so it was good when those of us that were up for it had a little bit of a boogie and a laugh.


Our last day together was a series of short workshops. This for me was so much fun and insightfulness. We did out star chart manadala using tarot cards - which I know little about so one of my new friends shared some info and knowledge on that. I personally work with animal totem cards over that past so this was another new experience.  Then we did a colour test exercise and then finished off with finger print readings.

A final lunch and gathering ourselves together to leave. I often find at these events I do not want to leave as I find more connectedness with those there. I didn't get to meet everyone deeply but those I did was so wonderful . I met so many talented women who have much to share and are going to get their IAGBAM on and shoot for the stars. FOr those who have started looking at my facebook page l I am looking forward to sharing these peoples websites , talents and gifts .

I am unable to put eveyrthing int this blog , but I am able to say that if you get a chance to go to any workshops run by the or I believe you will have a wonderful experience and meet amazing people and evolve more of you IAGBAM . As I said to this gorgeous woman below I see everyone with as much natural beauty as her , a constant ray of sunshine , we all have it we just stop beliving it - so getout there and believe radiate your light and shine on for the world  

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