Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tools for keeping it together

So how to keep "it " together ...

If you have read my other blogs you will undertand that my life is an emotional rocllercoaster from life's experiences. So you might be wondering how I keep it together ? It has been over a 15 years since I did the healing ceremony ( check out my BAM blog)BAM - ancient wisdom for the new paradigm and here I am reasonably balanced in an ever changing quite unbalanced world.

I touched very breifly in a blog about different tools for helping heal . Now I am going to share some links that I hope will help.

Firtsly I now have a facebook page


I post usually at least once a day with either inspiration or information by women about women for women . It may be humour , a picture or an article. I also like support other women and businesses so feel free to like my page and post up your stuff :) I very rarely put up posts condemning men , for we all need to integrate our masculine and I like men anyway !

Music ; I cannot emphasize enough the importance of music in life. Relaxation music and meditations are readily available on Youtube and many are worth subscribing to the channel so you  get regular updates one of my favourites is Source Vibrations here is a link to my fav music- I use this nearly every night to go to sleep , they have many and also on their web site offer a few free downloads.


Dancing and exercise , walking I know I know you've heard it all before but it really is important and so good to help destress. Many areas have yoga classes , dance classes - i personally recommend blarring your fav tracks and just busting a move when no one is around. If you do have kids they will love dancing with you , get creative and play with it . Check out the fitness marshall - even has plus size women exercising with him .https://youtu.be/f6wm2g682JM 

https://youtu.be/bSsnxx_r2N0 I loved denise Austin in the 90's she got me so toned i could horse ride for three hours and haven pain !! TRUE STORY .

EFT tapping... never heard of it, that's ok I only found out about it this year too. This particular site I am super found of as they offer many free downloads and also if you have the money they do courses/webinars as well. I have passed on this to several friends. One was full of trauma and stress and she found this practise wonderful . Another has many health problems and she too found this really great . So here is the site and if you are on facebook they are too and they put up daily quotes of inspiration.


For those who are interested or already on a spiritual path I could drop a heap of links here . Like all things it is best to go with what resonates foryou . There are many writers, channelers and channels you can check out . Here are some of my personal favourites

yes you read it right these are free audio and they will download onto a smart phone fairly easily .

My other fave spiritual guide is Matt Khan . He is a really amazing guy , yo might want to go to the beginning of his youtube so you get what he is talking about if you are knew to awakening on the spiritual path https://youtu.be/YrdCgmiMzoQ

Horoscopes . I discovered this hilarious and wise man thru an old music industry buddy many years ago , have even been on one of his retreats He does a weekly report of what the cosmos is doing and how it effects you/us check out "Kaypacha" https://www.youtube.com/user/tomlescher

Time in nature is a great healer . If you can , when ever you can spend in a little time with the earth and even 10 minutes and some deep breathing will be beneficial to your soul

This is my fav online magazine with loads of information - they even published one of my blogs- they have so much information on politics, technology and the arts.

Comedy and entertainment is also really important. I found recently this amazing young woman who is a brilliant singer , ventriloquist and comedian


https://youtu.be/wS2THqZemoc this has words that may offend- but it shouldn't that is the whole point of this sketch , he is funny and the ascended masters have no care for words like these, they do not hold a vibration . Why do I say that - i have listened to many spiritual lectures and it was also bought up in Conversationv with God III

A couple of weeks ago this amazing woman Marianne Williamson gave this speech so I am including this to give you an idea of what I post on my facebook page and also so inspire your passion - she is amazing and this is one heck of a speech


To empower each other is the gift , to help each other is the gift to inspire each other is the gift.

If you want to give back you can buy my  single https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/iag...

or subscribe to my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzFJIubIhds

And finally repeat to yourself everyday " I love You" "I'm A Goddess Beautiful And Magnificent "

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