Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Self love is not a trend , get your IAGBAM ON NOW

Ok Ok , I am seeing over the past 2 years so much talk about self love. AWESOME . However , when I sit and talk with people and when I feel people in my space- and I don't mean touch them  , I can feel how people feel ( some call it empath some call it energetically aware, it's not always a blessings btw)  people are not feeling actual SELF LOVE - many the opposite, so when you feel that that can really throw a dampener on your day /dinner party /get together.

How do we get it ? I know I gave out my mantra  IAGBAM and over the past 2 years many have got it. My intention was that I wanted EVERYONE to feel it. And it is very hard at times to maintain it.

Firstly it does not come because you feel some one else loves you , and so you feel all squishy love - that would be "other love" or "another love" not self love. Also when some one else loves you we feel obliged to do something for that love , when you love yourself you just have  love .

Buying ourselves something and feeling good, whether it is food or a thing, it's a nice feeling and it is comes more under the "self care" of "self worth" category . Now this is also a great experience but once again it is not self love. And it is still looking for something outside of YOU .

I have found that this year has been difficult to navigate and even the great Violetnight super woman has had moments of spilling the self love cup and needing to find a way to refill it. I could go on and on with all my personal little trials and tribulations, then I might as well have my own reality tv show "Keeping up with catastrophies " lol . That's time consuming and every week you have to watch it , and when we watch others falling over it actually just keeps that experience in our soul looping. AND I want us all to get it NOW not in a season of tv time later lol.

I had stated in my blog BAM about ancient wisdom about the ceremony I  experienced.  I woud love  for everyone to do it. However right now I don't know anyone who does it except me  and I live in a little flat , so there ain't going to be no labrynth happening in my space this week . I really want this to kick in for everyone ASAP .

So here is the most simple and easy way to do it . Turn off your tv, put your phone on silent and preferably play some very relaxing music there you go you don't even have to look for it...sorry there is a skip add at the start. ANYWAYS, put the music on , make sure no one else in the house can disturb you .

 Breathe deeply in through your nose and slowly release through your mouth

Repeat this at least 3 times , until you are relaxing or at least just focusing on the breath.

Put your hands on your heart .

Now say "I LOVE YOU" , to you !

Repeat this as many times as you can .

Then say " I AM A Goddess Beautiful And Magnificent" for a few minutes.

Really feel it as you say it and I hope for you that you feel a shift in how you feel.

You may either feel joyous or be crying after a few times. What ever arises love that and keep the self love cup filling up . .

It is a super simple exercise , and super important as we live in this now with constant bombardment of news, "social" media and distractions. The Dali Lama will tell you life can be simple, we have made it difficult and many sayings we have grown up with were devised to bring us down "life wasn't meant to be easy " blah blah ...yes it was and it is and it can be , when we get back to loving ourselves

You can also amplify this by doing it in nature.
You can do it in your car , the shower where ever and when ever you need to .

You are truely beautiful and magnificent , be kind to yourself , love yourself , after all you spend the most time with you :D You are loved by the devine creator , the angels and ascended masters- and you are a part of them - so love yourself .

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