Sunday, 13 May 2018

A Sense Of Purpose .

Mmmmm, it's been a long time... I think because there are so many blogs in the world and who really reads them anyway?
When I watch Sex In The City I look at how it started a generation of people,  expressing themselves on the internet  blog blog bloggiddy  blog, rather than writing it down in a journal...I gave up dairies /journalling years ago after reading my 14 year old self diaries and finding it was a waste of paper the tree died for, gosh the blah blah blah of self loathing , and lack of awareness at a time when we are  full of hormones. Probably the worst time EVER to journal.

So why be bloggered now? it a means of self expression , a feeding of the ego or boredom?Does it really help the soul to heal by sharing our stories or does it feed a victim mentality ?

For me , I began the whole IAGBAM as a way to help to lift up people's vibration, help them achieve self love , be of some sort of inspiration. Well that is still true , as I get organised to release a remix of the single to put the message out there, it is interesting as since i recorded that in 2015 there has been a real momentum and talk of people loving themself - and not in a narcissist type of way -eeeewwwww.

My self love this year has been to actually stop for a while, not blog , not attend things , not even click on the sign petition very often either. Getting in touch with who I am not who I am programmed to be. I have been very passionate about a lot of issues in my life , at times when people thought I was talking shit and being slightly outrageous. hhhmmm now even cool ol' Leonardo de Caprio is talking about indigenous rights, saving the planet and having compassion for nature. Good coz now I don't have to .I can get back on the IAGBAM horse and ride it like a fucking olympic champion. As a sole parent and self proclaimed owner of a business , looking for a new place to live and keeping up with the groceries, blogging just didn't fit in to what was an exhausting start to this year.
Spending the entire school break with a 10 yr old is great but when there is no one to share that with , blimey it gets tiring . Oh I forgot to add menopause to the list of factors- so where's my Mum now to give me the heads up , oh thats right she left the planet 9 years ago or so . I can't even tell you the library of wisdom that I cannot replace at the local municipality for that one. Do no let that loveable resource go untapped- it will empower her also , and hell every mother needs empowering let me tell you .

Cosmic energies- don't even start me . It has been wild and if you are a little susceptible to them then WOW maybe that should be top of my list. You can check all that stuff out for yourself theres plenty of it around and in my blog "Tools for getting by" you can grab links too.

So  I feel like my purpose is to help everyone ride like the champion I am -hopefully even better- lately I fell of the said IAGBAM horse a few times so far this year. I didn't sustain injuries but it was a dizzy discombobulating time. Buying a new outfit here and there can give the pretence that you have it together , so I do recommend that and regular visits to the hairdresser . no one wants to look like Beetlejuice in public....that is strictly for housework and night times watching tv.

Going out to events , if that is your thing I do recommend also . I spent a lot of my life dancing , so when I don't do it I realise how much that is a MUST in my life. The loungeroom is fine but it is good to get out in public if you have the outfit and hair back on track . AND I am not saying this in a pretentious way - i'll just say Beetlejuice !!

I think I am quite a good writer and a bit funny too, on a good day so my sense of purpose I feel is to share the amazing wisdom that I have gleaned - yes thats a real word , and spread it round like a wonderful chocolate fondue for us to all indulge in-  if you don't like chocolate (WTF is wrong with you ) then a fine jug of favourite alcohol may suffice.

Do what makes you feel good , not what any instagram meme , Facebook self help guru or expensive mentor likes to tell you . I love llamas- so I look at pictures of llamas, then dance then eat chocolate. Helps me find my footing in the stirrups . I go to the beach , look at fine looking young men that are to exhausting to think about dating and feel like I have consumed a wonderful matured cheese. Whatever it takes , find it and do it , not because nike tell you too but for your self care and to fill up your cup and then say out loud IAGBAM !

Dear ones, I like to keep my blogs short and to the point , so that you might actually finish reading it through your tears , hopefully of laughter but they might be of sorrow (TRIGGERED- the word of 2018) so I shall sign off and say this .....


IAGBAM - I Am Goddess Beautiful And Magnificent 


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