Sunday, 17 May 2015

translation of the lyrics as the song is performed

This is how the song translates

Ladies listen up
For centuries it's been going on
Lots of men got it all wrong
It's 2015 time to get devine and shine

I got a Recommended Prior Learning and a PhD
In Dick Driven Individuals and Misogynst Fucking Pigs
Put Me Down , Push Me Round
In you Wife Beater Singlet
Talk to Me Like Shit

U want me to Pick Up Your Socks
Cook U dinner , Suck Your Cock

aahh Give Me Strength

Shave it
Pluck it
Tuck it
Laser It Off
so U can Fuck My Arse
U Got Issues
Anal Fucking Disorder
You Dirty Old Man

Give  Me Strength

what's the heck wrong with you?

You think I'm gonna
Shave Pluck Tuck  and Lazer It Off so U can
Fuck My Arse
You got Anal Fucking Disorder

Give Me Strength

To fat to thin ?

Give Me Strength
You don't know where you're even ment to stick it in

Give Me Strength

Pick Up Your Socks , Cook U Dinner
Suck Your Cock

Give Me Strength

I Am a Goddess Beautiful And Magnificent

Ladies time to turn it around

Times To get Bliss Serenity Joy Peace

right away and Get Real Love

Coz I deserve love like
Kim and Kayne
like Zahoor and Kamaliya
Portia and Ellen
real love true love
you heard me IAGBAM

Right Now

And by the way,
I got a latex friend in my draw
I don't need you anymore

You heard me

So ladies don't compare yourselves
to what you see on the screens
or in the magazines

I am that I am

You don't have to Shave Pluck Tuck or Lazer It Off
to get Get Real Love and Bliss Serenity Peace Joy

Coz   I am A  Goddess Beautiful And Magnificent

No matter my size, the color of my eyes
what i wear what i put in my hair

Now repeat and don't forget this

Are you ready?

IAG I Am a Goddess

BAM Beautiful And Magnificent

And so ARE YOU

Never forget it


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