Monday, 4 May 2015


BAM - Ancient wisdom for the new paradigm 

Beautiful and Magnificent;

This came from a Maori ceremony I had the pleasure of doing back in 1999.
 It was run by Aunty Kitty out in Maldon Victoria amongst the bush. The ceremony went like this...there was a spiral labrynth of small rocks set in a clearing of trees. One by one were guided to walk through it and the whole time in our head we had to say " I am beautiful and Magnificent" and not look at anyone else or interact. At the end we were to go up to a tree and ask it for forgiveness for something. I asked the trees to forgive us humans for our lack of regard for deforestation- yes I am a lover of the planet .
The men were also to do this ceremony and if we had time we were to go to the labrynth set up for them and balance ourselves. The Aunt told us that it may take days, weeks or even years to feel the power of the ceremony , many women were crying and feeling blessed by it.

So I came up with the new millennium acronym of  IAGBAM as a way for women to empower themself NOW completely in this time and space . For many of us we cannot  get to do this ceremony , so I am passing on the knowledge and wishing all women say this to themselves DAILY in a new modern way IAGBAM.

On my journey in life I have attended some different gatherings sharing indigenous wisdom and experienced different empowering and healing practitioners. Body work , kinesiology , NPL , EFT and meditation.

Many people are sceptical however if you find a the right person you can truely experience great personal empowerment and if you want it you can get your IAGBAM on and get the self love happening, it is essential to your happiness and wellbeing. Take care out there, be kind to yourself and one another .

check out the clip on youtube the lin is there for itunes if you want to buy it

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